This is an association of BMW specialty repair shops who have specific knowledge and experience on BMW vehicles. We are a member-driven education and training group. This means we exchange ideas, methods and experiences. We are not a technical hot line and we do not offer a service that will “hold your hand” through a repair. A member is expected to share in the on-going exchange and input ideas as well as benefit from others. Members also need to have advanced tooling with specific BMW diagnosis and programming capability. This could include a GT 1/SSS, Autologic or J2534 pass-thru device. This is not a group for a general repair shop or owner-enthusiasts. We welcome those shops that understand our reasons for keeping this association at a professional level.

If you have further questions about membership in this organization please contact our membership liaison by clicking here.

The cost of membership will be an annual $600 Fee.

If you are seriously interested in being a member of this unique group, press continue to read our "Code of Ethics."

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