Thursday, October 6, 2022

8:00-11:30am - Hands-On Electrical Circuit Testing
with Brian Chaffe & Bob Beckman, sponsored by OPUS

This class will start with very basic information about ohms law. You will gain understanding about the relationship between volts, amps, and power. The class will demonstrate the behavior of basic semiconductors like diodes and bi-polar transistors. You will be working together in groups of 5 and it is self-paced with assistance of the instructors. Basic circuits. Volts/Amps using a DVOM properly. How to avoid letting out the smoke. (It will happen). Semiconductors. Diodes and transistors. How do they work? Inputs and outputs to computer-controlled systems. Sensors and outputs.

8:00-11:30am - Automotive 3-Phase and Diagnosing Pulse Width Modulation for Power, Control and Sensing Circuits
with Gary Smith, sponsored by DiagNation

In this class, we will discuss Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) theory and specifically how it applies to various BMW Engine Control Systems. The class will flow theory to scanner and scope analysis during diagnosis of several recent case studies.

• What is Pulse Width Modulation: How does it work? Concepts and Theory
• Understand the use and applications of PWM in power, control and sensing circuits in BMW vehicle platforms.
• Checking electric motor and DME output driver circuits: good or bad?
• Brief explanation of PWM motor encoding for sensing and motor control applications.
• Introduction to Valvetronic DME driver analysis.
• Introduction to 3-Phase AC/DC (Non-ground) fuel pumps and controls in 2015+ vehicles

Who should attend?

Anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the concepts of PWM motor control, AC current flow and motor controls from DC drivers. Also, those who seek to understand their scanner and scope data in these systems beyond just viewing the analog signals.

AC voltage and current is in play in multiple modern automotive sub-systems and of course is the main motivator behind hybrid and EV platforms. See how AC current is managed in a DC digital world and how it affects your diagnostics!

1:30-5:30pm - Overcoming Overwhelm
with Rick White, sponsored by 180Biz

With shops either busier than they've ever been or desperately needing more cars, dealing with the roller coaster ride of the pandemic, the challenge of finding qualified people to join your team, or the raw demands of your customers, feelings of overwhelm are in an all-time high. In this course you'll learn: Where the overwhelm is coming from; The very real danger overwhelm poses to your business; How to recognize overwhelm in your and in your team members; About the tools you need to get out of the quicksand of overwhelm and back to chasing your dreams With your level of overwhelm down where it belongs, you'll find things run smoother, you'll get more done, and have fun again!

1:30-5:30pm - Motorsports - S55 & B58TOP Engines
with Jason Maldonado, sponsored by Worldpac

• Distinguishing the differences and understanding engine i.d.’s
• Common issues and Fixes
• Understanding Valvetronic 3 & 4
• Vanos & valve timing
• HPFP Fuel management
• Special tools required for repairs
• Upgrades and add’ ons available from the aftermarket

1:30-5:30pm - Effective Engine Mechanical Testing
with John Thornton

John will discuss three engine mechanical testing techniques: 1. cranking current using a high amp current probe and an ignition synch 2. cranking vacuum using a vacuum transducer and an ignition synch 3. cranking and running compression using an in-cylinder pressure transducer N series and B series engines will be used to demonstrate these testing techniques. John will talk about the tools required, how to set up the tests on the vehicle, and most importantly how to interpret the test results. Intake path restrictions, exhaust path restrictions, cam timing problems and valve sealing issues are some of the concerns to be covered. Included will be mechanical testing of both Valvetronic and VANOS systems. If you want to save valuable diagnostic time regarding engine mechanical analysis, this class is for you!

Friday, October 7

8:00am-5:30pm ALL-DAY CLASS - Network Nightmares: Solving the Diagnostic Distress: A Real-World, Hands-On approach to Successful and Productive Network Diagnostics 
with Gary Smith and Adam Robertson, sponsored by Worldpac

There is no doubt that data communications and network issues are amongst the most difficult, time consuming and costly diagnostics that we encounter. It is true that OEM scan tools offer expanded testing techniques that are manufacturer specific, but even OEM dedicated software platforms are not enough to accurately diagnose these problems in many cases. Network faults fall into several categories; DTCs (Some of which are real and others that are misleading), scan tool errors, electrical faults on the Bus line errors, intermittent faults and more. As such, this class shows technicians the 4 main fault characteristics of the network waveform and how to identify which steps to take next to isolate the fault quickly and accurately. This class is applicable to all makes/models and generations.

Topics will include:

- The Operation of the Several Communication Network Protocols (languages)

  • Single wire, dual wire (including ethernet), fiber optic networks are covered
  • The Physical Layer: The Electrical Laws and physical rules that make bus lines work
  • RF - Measuring radio signals commonly used for HMI, TPMS, entry/starting systems.
  • Network wake-up strategies
  • Termination Resistors: Why they are used and what happens when they are wrong
  • Network fault tolerance vs. noise: (How noisy can the waveform be?)
  • Network topology designs and associated diagnostic approach with strategies
  • Data analysis, serial decoding, math channels, XY views, masks, alarms and more!

Learn the strategic application of scan tools and lab scopes together; we share our diagnostic tips ‘n tricks! Each topic will be backed up with real life case studies YOU solve in class, bring your LAPTOP!

All of this is followed up with live demonstrations that each technician will perform and prove-out on their own computer. Please bring your own computer if possible, with PicoScope automotive 6 and 7 installed, both are FREE Downloads at www.picoauto.com. This is a critical step regardless of the scope that is used at your shop. Not mandatory, but you will retain more of the hands-on component if you do!

8:00-11:30am - Making Sense Of The Numbers
with Aaron Stokes, sponsored by ShopFix Academy

How you can extract more revenue and profit from your shop with out having to raise your prices.

8:00-11:30am - Setting Up A Front Counter To Win
with Guy Roberts, sponsored by SalesFix

How to set up a healthy team that loves to perform and push each other to new heights.

8:00-11:30am - Wiring Diagrams
with Jorge Menchu

Jorge describes a technique, features of and importance of understanding and using wiring diagrams when diagnosing.

8:00-11:30am - Going Topless - Guide to BMW & MINI convertible diagnosis and repair
with Jason Maldonado, sponsored by Worldpac

BMW models E85 to Present All MINI models
• Diagnosing protocols
• Emergency closing procedures
• Common Failures
• Special tools required for repairs
• Squeaks and Rattle fixes
• Water leak diagnosis and repairs
• How to educate your customers on Special options only available on Convertibles

1:30-5:30pm - Accelerate Your Sales and Profit
with Nick Peyton

Discover what your business is capable of and take it to the next level.  Determine what is not working and fix your business with industry proven techniques. 
-Powerful audit tools to determine lost efficiencies
-Build trust and credibility through great services and smooth processes
-Defuse objections and maximize sales by getting team buy-in
-How to build a team who is capable for doing 100% more

1:30-5:30pm - G30 PHEV Complete Vehicle
with Brian Chaffe, sponsored by OPUS

This course will cover the Plug In Hybrid G30 Chassis complete systems & components description & operation.

1:30-5:30pm - BMW/MINI 3 and 4 Cylinder "B" Engines
with Drew Wolfe, sponsored by Worldpac

• New “B” Engine Modular Designs
• Low & High Pressure Fuel Supply, Direct Injection Overview & Repair Tips
• New VANOS Design for BMW/MINI
• Valvetronic Overview with Compression Test Do's & Dont's
• New Design MAP Controlled Oil Pump with Vacuum Pump Integration
• Common Issues & Repairs

1:30-5:30pm - BMW N55 Open Deck and S55 Closed Deck Engine Blocks – The RIGHT Tech can save you BIG MONEY!
with Florian Kiziak, sponsored by Elring

Get the details on the N55 / S55 gaskets!

We will review:
• Plastic Valve Cover with Integrated PCV System
• Rubber Elastomer Gaskets on Oil Filter Elements
• MLS technology for Open and Closed Deck engine blocks

Learn about our unique design features, correct assembly, working repair and how to install so you can get the best performance and value from your engine!

1:30-5:30pm - Diagnostic Challenge
with Justin Morgan

Put your thinking cap on and allow Justin to present a problem vehicle.  We will split up and talk amongst your peer technicians.  You will diagnose and map out the problem amongst yourselves and present your findings to the group at the end of the session.  Justin will reveal the problem and talk about diagnostic strategies.

Saturday, October 8

8:00am-6:00pm ALL-DAY CLASS - Tesla Vehicle Platforms: 3, X & Y
with Aaron Jones, sponsored by OPUS & Worldpac

*Navigating Tesla's service information & scan tools

*Battery and battery management systems

*Tesla service: Tips & Tricks

*Hidden service & repair procedures

*Orderings parts: Navigating the hurdle & challenges

8:00am-Noon - How to Hire, Retain and Grow Your Talent!
with Nick Peyton

How to be the place top talent wants to work. Learn how to grow your team to the next level. Learn what it takes to keep the top talent in the industry and when it’s time to cut one loose.

8:00am-Noon - Active Listening and Clear Communication
with Clint White

By far one of the most crucial roles played by the Service Advisor is that of being a conduit of information between the Customer and the Technician and vice versa.  Unfortunately, many struggle to gather vital, valuable, and correct information or ask the right questions.  This leads to wasted time in the shop, frustrated customers at the counter, and ultimately less profit on your bottom line. The purpose of this course is to teach Service Advisors how to really hear what your customers are saying by using active listening and clear communication techniques during every conversation.

8:00am-Noon - BMW Valvetronic Operation and Testing
with Scot Manna, sponsored by Worldpac

This class will cover the operation and testing of BMW’s valvetronic intake valve variable lift system. 

Topics will include:

  • Advantages of variable valve lift control
  • Description of the 4 generations of valvetronic systems, including component breakdowns
  • In-depth discussion of system operation with known good scan data values and lab scope waveform analysis
  • Discussion of engine mechanical tests that can be used to determine system problems
  • Cranking vacuum and in-cylinder scope analysis testing to determine compression or airflow problems
  • Case studies

8:00am-Noon - Advanced PicoScope Operation
with Adam Robertson, sponsored by DiagNation

If you are a PicoScope user, this class is for you!
In daily PicoScope operation, we technicians don’t usually have or take the time to explore some of the more advanced (Or hidden) functions that Pico’s automotive based 6 and 7 softwares have to offer. In this class, we cover the following advanced Pico functions and diagnostic strategies:
• Math channels and alternate viewing options
• Reference waveforms, waveform triggers and measurements
• CAN and Serial Bus decoding
• Masks, alarms and the strategy to use these tools for intermittent fault captures
• Deep measurement, rulers, cursors and related data fields
• Applying and using waveform filters, resolution enhancement and custom probes also covered
Although you may have used some of these, we will dive deeper into their operation and give you examples that will increase your diagnostic efficiency.
This class is designed for the average to advanced PicoScope user, yet beginners are encouraged to attend.

8:00am-Noon - BMW/MINI Plug-In Hybrids
with Drew Wolfe, sponsored by Worldpac

• PHEV High Voltage Overview
• Plug In Hybrid Components & operation
• Safety Standards for Shutting Down HV Systems
• HV Battery Unit overview & Cell structure
• PHEV Programming - Do's & Don'ts
• Parallel Hybrid System Setup

8:00am-Noon - BMW Air & Electronic Suspension
with Brandon Mathews, sponsored by OPUS

This course will overview air suspension & electronic dampening control covering F chassis, & G chassis models. Components, testing methods, & common failures will be discussed. New technologies for the G05 chassis will be overviewed.

2:00-6:00pm - Onboarding for Success
with Seth Thorson

How to create onboarding, that drives culture and success in today's environment.

2:00-6:00pm - Eliminating the NO: Preventing Sales Objections Before They Occur
with Clint White

The dreaded NO!  Nobody likes it, nobody wants to hear it, yet without even realizing, we encourage our customers to use it every day.  Whether it be a sales presentation that lacks value, a disbelief in the needed services, or merely suggesting the vehicle isn’t even worth the repair, the tiny yet destructive seeds are unwittingly planted over and over that lead to objections and lost sales.   Not only do our businesses lose out on revenue and valuable profit, but our customers leave with uncompleted repairs, unreliable vehicles, and a fractured sense of trust.   There is however a better way.  It’s been said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and this class will outline the small but highly effective ways we can prevent the “NO” from ever arising in the first place.   

2:00-6:00pm - Scoping Out BMW's With Pico
with Scot Manna, sponsored by Worldpac

This class will cover Pico labscope operation, accessories, and diagnostics. Pico 4000 series automotive scopes will be discussed along with an introduction to the new Pico 7 software application and the new 4425A smart probe scope. Live screen navigation will be shown along with a variety of case studies to demonstrate the power of scope diagnostics. This is a must see class if you want to unleash the power of Pico scope diagnostics in your BMW test routine.

2:00-6:00pm - BMW ISTA ICOM & J2534
with Brandon Mathews, sponsored by OPUS

The ISTA course will cover the computer requirements & installation of the ISTA software using both an ICOM and J2534 pass-thru interfaces. Interface connections, & settings will be overviewed along with outlining the ISTA software user interface. Navigation & ISTA functionality will be the highlighted focus. Programming best practices will be covered for both E, F, G, and I chassis vehicles.

Sunday, October 9

8:00am-Noon - VW/Audi Common Problems and How To Diagnose Them
with Gary Smith & Craig Shippy, sponsored by iSCAN by Autoland & SSF Imported Auto Parts 

This class will cover the operation and testing of BMW’s valvetronic intake valve variable lift system.

8:00am-Noon - BMW 48 Volt
with Justin Morgan

Covering the system operation and controls of BMW's new 48v system. This system is actively in use and was brought into production mid-year 2020. Stay ahead of the curve as we go into detail on the system layout, components used, diagnostic strategy, and repair tips for possible issues. The mild hybrid system is becoming common on all BMW 6 cylinder cars, and will continue to trickle in to the rest of the BMW models in short order. This is a great introduction into high voltage systems as all components from this system carry over to full hybrid and full EV systems. If you are looking to brush up on or  you are just getting into high voltage and hybrid systems this will be a great class for everyone.

8:00am-Noon - BMW Diesel Engines
with Brandon Mathews, sponsored by OPUS

BMW diesel engine training course covering M57, N47, N57, & B57 engine variants. The primary focus will be on diesel specific systems such exhaust gas recirculation, swirl flap system, diesel fuel system, glow system, particulate filtering, and selective catalyst reduction. The course will cover system functional descriptions, diagnostic strategy, and pattern failures.